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Medical College
  1. Government Medical College, Pudukkottai

Agriculture College
  1. Agricultural College & Research Institute, Kudumiyanmalai.

  2. National Pulses research Centre, Vamban, Alangudi.

Engineering Colleges
  1. Kings College of Engineering, Gandarvakottai

  2. Chendhuran College of Engineering and Technology, Thiurmayam

  3. M.A.R. College of Engineering and Technology, Pudukkottai

  4. M.N.S.K. College of Engineering, Alangudy

  5. Mahath Amma Institute of Engineering and Technology, Illupur

  6. Mookambigai College of Engineering, Kulathur

  7. Mother Terasa College of Engineering and Technology, Pudukkottai

  8. Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology, Thirumayam

  9. Shanmuganathan Engineering College, Thirumayam

  10. Sri Bharathi Engineering College for Women, Alangudi

  11. Sudharsan Engineering College, Kolathur

Arts & Science Colleges
  1. J.J. College of Arts and Science, Pudukkottai

  2. Government Arts College for Women, Pudukkottai

  3. H.H. The Rajahs College (Autonomous), Pudukkottai

  4. Arputha College of Arts and Science, Pudukkottai

  5. Auxilium College of Arts and Science for Women, Alangudi Taluk

  6. Mahatma Arts and Science College, Illuppur Taluk

  7. Naina Mohamed College of Arts and Science, Aranthangi Taluk

  8. Sri Bharathi Arts and Science College (W), Pudukkottai

  9. Sudharsan College of Arts and Science, Illuppur Taluk

Nursing Colleges
  1. Karpaga Vinayaga College of Nursing, Pudukkottai

  2. Keerai Thamil Selvan College of Nursing, Sathiyamangalam

Teacher Training Colleges / Institutes
  1. Government College of Education, Pudukkottai

  2. Akathiyar Teacher Training Institute, Pudukkottai

  3. Arumugam Teacher Training Institute, Pudukkottai

  4. Auxilium College of Education, Pudukottai

  5. Bharathi Vidyalaya College of Education, Pudukkottai

  6. Bharathi Vidyalaya Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  7. Bishop Packiam Arokiaswamy College of Education, Alangudi Taluk

  8. D.K.R. College of Education, Aranthangi

  9. D.K.R. Teacher Training Institute, Aranthangi

  10. J.J. College of Education, Pudukottai

  11. J.J. Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  12. J.K. College of Education, Aranthangi

  13. K.T.S.S. Teacher Training Institute for Women, Pudukkottai

  14. Keerai Thamil Selvan Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  15. Keerai Thaml Selvan College of Education for Women, Pudukkottai

  16. Kumara Raja Teacher Training Institute for Women, Pudukkottai

  17. Kumararaja Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  18. Little Flower Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  19. Mahamut Ammal Teacher Training Institute, Pudukkottai

  20. Mahathma Teacher Training Institute (Womens), Illupur Taluk

  21. Mahatma College of Education, Illupur Taluk

  22. Mahatma Teachers Training Institute, Illupur Taluk

  23. Manickam Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  24. Mother Terasa College of Education for Women, Pudukottai

  25. Mother Terasa College of Teacher Education, Pudukottai

  26. Mother Teresa Teacher Training Institute for Women, Illupur

  27. N.I.P. Teacher Training Institution, Pudukkottai

  28. N.M. Institutue of Diploma in Teacher Education, Pudukottai

  29. Naina Mohamed College of Education, Aranthangi

  30. Ponmari College of Education, Pudukottai

  31. Ponmari Teacher Training Institute, Pudukkotai

  32. Ponmari Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  33. S.V.S. College of Education, Pudukkottai

  34. Sastha Teacher Training Institute, Tirumayam Taluk

  35. Sasthaa College of Education, Tirumayam Taluk

  36. Sri Bharathi College of Education, Thirumayam Taluk

  37. Sri Bharathi Teacher Training Institute, Alangudy Taluk

  38. Sri Bharathi Teacher Training Institute for Women, Alangudi Taluk

  39. Sri Manickam College of Education, Pudukkottai

  40. Sri Suba Bharathi T.T.I. for Women, Pudukottai

  41. Srinivasa Teacher Training Institute, Pudukkottai

  42. Srubuvasa Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  43. St. Xaviers College of Education, Alangudu Taluk

  44. St. Xaviers Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  45. Sudharasan College of Education, Illupur Taluk

  46. Terasa College of Education, Illuppur Taluk

  47. Teresa Teacher Training Institute, Illuppur Taluk

  48. The Good Samaritan Elementary T.T.I. for Girls, Pudukottai

  49. The Vestley Teacher Training Institute, Aranthangi

  50. Thiyagaraja Teacher Training Institute, Pudukkotai

  51. V.S.K. Teacher Training Institute, Thirumayam Taluk

  52. Veeralakshmi Teachers Training Institute for Women, Alangudi Taluk

  53. Venkatesvara College of Education, Pudukkottai

  54. Venkateswara Teacher Training Institute, Pudukottai

  55. Vestley Teacher Training Institute for Women, Aranthangi

  56. Vestly College of Education, Aranthangi

Polytechnic Colleges
  1. Government Polytechnic College, Aranthangi

  2. Venkateswara Polytechnic College, Pudukkottai

  3. Annai Terasa Polytechnic College, Illuppur

  4. Chenduran Polytechnic College, Thirumayam

  5. M.A.R. Polytechnic College, Viralimalai

  6. M.N.S.K Polytechnic College, Alangudi

  7. Mahath Amma Polytechnic College, Ilupur

  8. Mother Teresa Polytechnic College, Illuppur

  9. N.M Polytechnic College, Pudukkottai

  10. P.S.V. Polytechnic College, Thirumayam

  11. Royal Polytechnic College, Kulathur

  12. S.S.R. Polytechnic College, Pudukkottai

  13. Sastha Polytechnic College, Thirumayam

  14. Sri Bharathi Polytechnic College for Women, Alangudi

  15. Sri Subabharathi Polytechnic College, Alangudi

  16. Sri Venkatesvara Polytechnic College, Pudukkottai

  17. Srinivasa Polytechnic College, Kulathur

  18. St. Joseph Polytechnic College, Tirumayam

  19. Subramaniam Polytechnic College, Thirumayam

  20. Sudarsan Polytechnic College, Kulathur

  21. Vairamani Ramasasmy Polytechnic College, Pattukkottai


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